Film Work

Pictures and thoughts from selected works…


Zombie #1 was filmed for the Telus Storyhive contest.  It’s a show within a show about zombies who are also actors and I played the make-up artist.  You can watch it here.


Photo Credit: Eric Hayes

Photo Credit: Eric Hayes

Delivery was another indie short with a great group of people.  I played a rather unpleasant secretary (surprise).  The main reason I buy professional clothing is so that I have something to wear when I’m cast as a secretary in an indie production and I have to bring my own outfit.

Chengis Javeri, Laura Gillespie

Chengis Javeri, Laura Gillespie

I had a small role in a horror short called Bloodmania: Gorgeous.  The picture has nothing to do with anything, since I’d already changed out of my costume, but my hair was so pretty I posted it anyways.

Ladies of Cheyenne Photo Credit: John Wirth

Ladies of Cheyenne
Photo Credit: John Wirth

I was a background performer in season 4 of Hell on Wheels.  Watch it.  You’ll see me a lot.  Most of the film work that I’ve done has been contemporary indie projects, so to be a part of a period piece was really interesting.  They’ve built a whole town! – though I didn’t get to explore most of it.  We prostitutes weren’t usually allowed anywhere but the brothel or casino.

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